This Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at Small Press Expo 2010! You can find me at F10:
Yellow Peril at SPX 2010

I’ll be selling Pandoom minis and a whole mess of Daruma pins along with these two 11″x6″ prints:

Dragon Phoenix Love Kane, Ukiyo-e Style

Which were inspired by these two comics: Enter the Love Dragon and Tackle.

If I have any left over, I’m going to try to figure out this online store stuff and maybe sell them through the site.

Now you may have heard of another convention going on at the same time. Turns out I will be making an appearance there as well. Saturday night from 6pm-8pm, Super Art Fight will do our live art battle in the Large Panels room and at 10pm, I will be drawing horribly naughty things as part of Super Art Fight Unleashed! It should be absolutely insane!

So, if you’re going to SPX this weekend, you know where to find me. And if you’re going to Intervention this weekend, you get to see me draw horribly perverted things. Actually, if you stop by the table at SPX and ask, I’ll draw you something horribly perverted. And if you’re going to both, then you win all weekend long!!!!

  • Farren

    Don’t you just hate the alarm clock in the morning? Nice style with the Film Noir, though the lighting in the 3rd panel seems a little off. If Ally is lit up from the front, but Kane is also lit up from the front, why is the back of him in shadow? Where is the light source?

    I love those prints, but the size is a bit large. Where would I possible put an 11-foot x 6-foot picture, let alone get a frame for it? :>P Really makes me wish I could go to the cons though, to get them.

  • Jamie

    In his groin! HA! No, you’re right, the lighting is way off. It would probably have been more realistic if it was from either side, but I really wanted to get Ally’s face in without any shadows so I totally cheated.

    ACK!!! I meant, 11″ x 6″! Damn shift key.

  • Minato

    So you’ll be in the same spot as Yuko and Ananth ^_^? Kewl :3

  • Jamie

    @Minato, yuppers! We’re sharing table space. Their new book just came out, too. I’m super jealous! It’s super awesome!!! I saw the digital files and the thing looks gorgeous!

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  • Minato

    Yeah I saw it too, if shipping wasn’t a bitch I’d totally get it, it looks gorgeous! You will need to upload some pics of you lot and your SPX shenanigans :D

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