Unfortunately, there was no power or water pressure when we got home from work last night. Audrey and I packed up an overnight bag and headed down to pick up my folks for a dinner on the town. They had never been to Five Guys before so we headed to the Rockville Town Center where half of the businesses were still without power. Fortunately, the Five Guys was all powered up and serving tasty burgers. Yum!

By the time we finished dinner and dropped my folks off, water pressure had been restored at our apartment complex. The emergency generator was back on so there was light in the stairwell. Unfortunately, no power for the individual units so I was not able to finish or scan yesterday’s comic. Fucking hell, I feel like I’ve been furloughed from my own damn work!

Sometime in the middle of the night, the powah came back on. So there will be finishing and scanning and penciling and inking and transcribing tonight which means there will be comics tomorrow and Friday. Thank you all for bearing with me during this outage. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I will not survive. The lack of light and ability to comic after hours will render me completely useless. Well, I guess I could be used for zombie fodder. But apparently, without light I’m completely fucking useless.

So we’re back. Thank god. Row row fight the powah!

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  • Minato

    Yaay, comic soon :3 Glad to hear your stuff is better now !

  • Cody

    Giga Drill Breaker!

    XD love that show.

  • Bloo89