The Slow Loris

UPDATE 07.27.2010 – The power was not on when I got back from work yesterday so there was no way to finish and scan comics. But it came back on in the middle of the night so there will be scanning and finishing tonight! Check this post for details and awesome music.

UPDATE 07.26.2010 – There should be a new comic today, but the power was knocked out before I got a chance to upload. See this post for stupid details. I am unpleased.

You may be asking yourself, “The fuck is a Slow Loris?!”

This is a Slow Loris:

UPDATE 04.05.2011, I will no longer spread the video of tickling slow loris. It is an endangered animal that must be protected from illegal trade.

I know it shouldn’t surprise me, but the speed with which processing power just gets faster and faster sometimes blows my mind. A few years ago, those cute blueberry iMacs were the fastest personal computers on the market. Now, the little laptop that I use to do my comics outperforms that old clunker almost ten fold. At the time, I thought the blueberry iMac was wicked fast. Now I know what real speed is and my laptop is already two generations old. Someday, the computer will do all this shit before I even touch it.

  • Kaji


    I mean, yeah, that’s cool.

  • Minato

    I’ve recently read an article that computer research is slowly coming to a halt because the scientists are apparently reaching the limits of how many things you can cram into tiny spaces. So soon enough the standards in data storage and processing speed will pretty much become static and stop expanding. Which admittedly is a pretty scary thought because if we reach the peak of technology research capabilities then everything we will have by then will become a standard and everyone in the field will have to be forced to keep lowering prices to remain in business, which is YAY for us consumers and BOO for the companies (economy crash anyone?).
    Ah! I went off on a rant. ;D Sorry.
    I foresee a lot of FFFF— from Kane over the Slow Loris, I sometimes have to move to a slower computer and by the time I get something done – I’m ready to grab a heavy object and violently threaten the slow piece of junk.

  • Mura

    @Minato: that is until we develop quantum processing! besides, there’s still other hardware areas to develop, like hard drive technology and RAM technology, they are still slugs compared to processors.

    Working as a pit lord, i’m familiar with people screwing up their computers like that… some break them at least once per month, which is a lot if you ask me!

  • Julio Jasso

    Hahah…touch it……

  • Dave

    Maybe it’s the Mac vs PC bias showing (in your statement? In mine?)but I don’t think those blueberry iMacs were ever the fastest personal computer available. Not even for a short period of time.

  • Jamie

    @Dave, probably. I should probably amend it to say that it was the fastest I had ever used up until then.

  • Bakamoichigei

    “Someday, the computer will do all this shit before I even touch it.”

    Man, you aren’t kidding. Photoshop CS5 is ridiculous with all those content aware photo-manipulation tools… I don’t even have to take decent photos, I can flail my arm around wildly and randomly clicking the shutter without looking, and goddamn Photoshop will make real pictures out of the mess…

    I fully expect CS6 to do all that crap without me even telling it to. And CS7 will just take the pictures for me. (And I actually call myself a ‘photographer’ at times, if you can believe that…)

    By the time I can actually draw things I would show other people, drawing apps are going to be able to read the images from my mind and give me exactly what I want anyway. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    As it is, Celsys IllustStudio and ComicStudio already have features that turn my gnarled ham-fisted scribblings into recognizable shapes… And IllustStudio can upload images straight to my Pixiv account, not that I ever would…because I can’t draw and when I try, the results are ‘known to the State of California to cause cancer’ as the warning labels say. (Specifically eye-cancer.)

    The Japanese sure can write them some graphics apps though.

  • Wayne Zombie

    She may be slow, but that critter looks VERY happy.

  • FmF!

    Didn’t that model only had a 300MHz processor and 60mb ram And he going to run some thing like photo shop cs5 right?I’m expecting another fffffffuuuuuucccckkkk moment.Just with more fire.

  • Henry

    Loris is also the name of a town in South Carolina, not too far from where I live.

    Slow is also an apt description of that down.

  • Henry

    TOWN, even.

  • Lusus Naturae

    @FmF!: It’s a slot-loading iMac, so… It’s at least the Kihei/P7 iMac, max of 400mHz, although the next blue model was called “Indigo”. Let’s hope it has a DVD drive for installation’s sake. The speakers and the BagelMouse speak for this era as well. It’d run 10.4.11 if @400mHz, but… yeah… Homechicken is screwed unless he has a really really early Photoshop copy running around someplace.

    Why, yes, I *am* a Mac historian, why do you ask? And why are you all looking at me funny and edging away? I showered last week!

  • Jamie

    @Lusus Naturae, *blinks* wow. Your kung fu is fucking amazing!

  • Yu Huo

    I am just delighted that you know about the Loris family. They are wonderful and deserve more screen time.

  • Anon.

    I refuse to believe that is a real animal. Look at it. It’s a top secret Furby spinoff prototype that was discovered in a bar by the Gizmodo crew.

  • Jamie

    @Anon, LOL!! It’s a new creepy ass Furby!!!!

  • Roy Ronalds

    Hahah, slowloris is also a name used for an attack done on web servers to take them down, like one computer hits the server with 1000s of page requests at once and ties shit up… …so pretty apropos.