Super Laptop Fighter

The laptop makes a horrible melee weapon, especially in a Street Fighter situation. A typical laptop won’t last beyond one or two hits. And although some can be quite heavy, their might is not enough to deliver a finishing blow. The laptop’s value as a weapon lies in the entertainment that spectators will get watching you pummel each other with the remnants of a busted laptop after the initial hit. At least, in theory. I’ve never tried this before. Or have I…

  • Hamstadini

    Their code is probably compiling:

  • Jenova

    AWESOME! Just awesome. ^^
    Don´t even know why we never tryed that. xD

  • Minato

    Oh man, freaking WIN ;D
    I want to work there.

  • FmF!

    Actually if you add two bungee cords they make better shields.Key boards are superior weapons cause the hard plastic and the cored allow you to use it like a mace.Not that this ever cross my mind.Nope never.

  • Wayne Zombie

    A Panasonic Toughbook would make a formidable weapon, you can run over them with a Hummer and they’ll still work. And some models had pull-out handles, which would make them all the more formidable for melee.

  • keysmash

    If you have time to plan ahead you can use the cord to electrocute your opponent, maybe even jerryrigging a portable stungun with the capacitors. But my first office weapon of choice is scissors, I know I know its the low tech option.

  • DisposablePal

    frog eating monkey!

  • Anon.

    wouldn’t a laptop make a better destruction tool if you closed it?

  • Jenova

    It is possible, that you could do more “damage” with the laptop closed, but open, you double your reach. ^^

  • Jamie

    @Wayne, Ah! The Toughbook! I hadn’t thought of that. That could probably take a pounding.

    @DisposablePal, good catch! I try to sneak in fun little things every now and again.

    @Hamstadini, ah man, leave it to XKCD to take all the good, geeky, office work jokes. Ah well, at least mine has shiny boobage!

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