Enter The Pit Lords

New characters! It’s going to seem like a bit of a drive-by introduction this week, but I plan to do more with the Pit Lords. There may be a spin-off mini or comic in the future.

I always seem to find a way to draw my brother into my comics. For long, long, looooooong term fans of my work, iRate is clearly based on my brother, the original Angry Zen Master. And yes, that is a big, glorious Marathon symbol on his shirt. After all, gotta give love to the company he works for.

Queen’s look is certainly inspired by Lisbeth Salander, the amazing Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Go see it now. And don’t bother with the US remake. They should really just give the original a wider release. I tried to give Queen a Persian look. Not sure if I got the features correctly, but if I ever get to cast a live action version of YP, Queen is definitely Persian.

Doctor No is sort of a family in-joke that only the four of us will find amusing.

Oh look, someone updated the Cast page!

  • Minato

    Hah, I knew there was something going on with AZM with the second panel.
    And… Damn I wish I had a Doctor No around here somewhere, my comp’s half-busted ;D
    So this is the first comic in which a non-made-up character appears huh? And damn, your brother works for Bungie? *Jealous*

  • Kaji

    My roomate is all three combined, depending on coffee intake. We ran out the other day and for a moment I got the feeling he was going to kill us and use our bones to build a new file server.

  • Chris

    LOL. That really reminds me of the IT crowd. It’s a UK show. Only instead of death dealers, they’re more the fun loving quirky ones. Anyways, I love the direction this is going in.

  • wilt

    Doctor No works on so many levels. I’ve known hardware guys when you ask for something the answer is always “NO” unless you can specifically tell them what is wrong then their faces light up when it’s something they can fix.

  • Charlie

    HAH! I thought that was him, at first, but wasn’t going to say anything! This should be interesting…

  • Kuakkgom

    I like the pit crew. I personally gravitate between No and Irate code hockey all the time. @_@

  • http://www.cloudserver.tumblr.com Imani

    No way! He works for Bungie? That’s awesome. I’m like a mega fangirl.

  • netroz

    All our base are belong to her…. killed me