I’ve been told that tackling a co-worker is not exactly an appropriate response to a stressful situation, especially in your first week at a new job. But, well, Ally may be prone to outbursts of physicality that are not always appropriate. Also, sometimes you just gotta tackle a mother fucker.

The second panel is a huge departure from my typical style. I had already used the ultimate angry face in the last panel of the previous comic so I wanted to see what else I could come up with that would be different but also communicate unbridled rage. I chose to emulate the Ukiyo-e style of Japanese woodblock prints popular in the 17th to 20th centuries (the Wikis told me so). Ukiyo-e samurai images have always kinda freaked the shit out of me with their crazy crossed eyes and gritted teeth. I figured it would also creep the shit out of you all if I drew Kane in that same style. Had a lot of fun with this panel. If enough of y’all dig it, I might do a small print or something in this style.

  • keysmash

    and fingernails become claws. would devil horns on the temples fit with the Japanese theme? I don’t know if they have similar looking devil in their culture, I think I’ve seen it but that may have been in post ww2 art…

  • Hatis

    You gotta do a panel with Kane as a kabuki actor – kinda like Samurai Showdown. You simply must.

  • mofo

    No wonder Kane’s computer crashed. If he gets angry, a stormy sea appears behind him. I guess salty water does funky things to your Mac.

    Moral of the story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sUSJE8pxsg

  • Kaji

    That last panel just screams ANGRY HATE SEX.

  • Jenova

    “Also, sometimes you just gotta tackle a mother fucker.” ^^
    That made me lol even more than Kane, and I totally love Ally going all Badass Bitch on Kane´s ass.
    (Her Face somewhat reminded me of a Female Kohrne Berserk (Warhammer 40K) a friend of mine made a few years ago, In my mind Ally is shouting “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!” ^^ )

  • Jenova

    *LOL* ^^

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    ANGRY HATE SEX! That’s gotta be a bumper sticker or something! Genius.

  • Minato

    EPIC Expressions. Seriously. I’ve said it before, it’s becoming a trademark of YP ;)

  • Anon.

    That is some serious **** that these young people are in. I mean, doesn’t Kane use an external HD? Hit save every 20 min people

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    I’ve become such a save whore because of lost work that now my left hand presses the save hot keys when I’m freaking drawing on paper!

  • http://patbird.galesaur.com gale

    Jamie, that’s priceless! Reminds me of the time a friend told me to move over by saying “Scroll down.”

  • Charlie

    Love the style.

  • Jenova

    @Jamie & Gale
    Just yesterday I was reading a BOOK and wanted to BOOKMARK (no pun intended -.- )
    the fucking page I was on. I engaged Facepalm, took a real bookmark and put it in there.
    (It´s really not good to be working with PC´s all the time. ^^ )

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  • Golux

    Heh, the second panel is out of classic Japanese painting and oh-so-true for the situation.

  • Rarar

    And this is why you save as you go along.

  • Guest

    Hey, just started to view your comics and love them and relate to every fucking thing, because I too, am a Graphic Designer. So far, this is my favorite. Know I save my shit every ten phuquin minutes.

  • mistrali

    Far out, Kane, haven’t you heard of USBs?