Form Blazing Sword Burger

Hey lookie! My first Sunday-style strip! Not quite Cook’s Illustrated quality, but I do enjoy drawing foods.

If you are unfamiliar with Sriracha sauce, it is a must for all lovers of the spicy. Get yourself a bottle right the hell now. It’s got a perfect blend of garlic, vinegar, and pepper that just lights your face on fire. It’s seriously one of my favorite hot sauces and I’ve found it goes well with almost any savory dish. I especially love mixing Sriracha and mayo, a combination that goes amazingly well with fries. Actually, it goes well with anything fried.

As for the “Blazing Sword Burger,” while I’m not so sure about the name, I am sure about the recipe. It is a tasty treat that I made sure I created and tasted before I posted up the recipe. The Sriracha mayo sauce really brings it all together. I encourage you burger lovers to give it a test drive and tell me what you think! And please send pictures!

Oh, and don’t forget, my auction piece for the Web-Comics Auction For The Gulf Coast is still up and kicking!

  • cerement

    “Chipotle Mayo”: one can chipotle peppers in adobo, mayo – finely dice the chipotles – mix the diced chipotles, the adobo they came in, and mayo together. Use in place of mayo on any sandwich.

  • Minato

    And here I thought my tomato+mayo sandwiches were the shit. Damn I have to try this now :P

  • Bakamoichigei

    Mmm, sounds like a great burger! Heh, we have like three bottles of Sriracha on the kitchen counter. I have to agree with cerement’s comment though. Chipotle mayo seems like it would be pretty bitchin’ as an alternative.

    When I’m making burgers I like to at least get minced garlic and onion and seasoning into the burger mixture. Sometimes though, I cut open some Italian sausage and mix the ground pork from the sausage in with the ground beef. That makes a great burger too. Especially spicy or cheese and garlic Italian sausage. :3

    People who think putting mayo on burgers is weird scare me. ;O If they can be so wrong about such a basic necessity…my god, imagine how wrong they could be about OTHER things!!! ;P

  • Jenova

    That recipe looks awesome, definitly have to try that. ^^
    This is possibly the most easy-to-read-and-understand recipe I have ever seen.
    You should try to draw a cookbook. ^^
    And I absolutly love Kane´s “Catch Phrase” there.

  • grossgeister

    I totally like the “If it bleeds, I can cook it”! Gotta remember that one!

    btw.: great comic!

  • mofo

    I bought a tabletop grill recently, first thing I tried it out with were burgers. I like your recipe, sounds nice, will try. :) Mine has 2 part ground beef and 1 part ground pork in it.

    And I am soooo stealing that Predator-style chef motto Kane used. :D

  • Archon

    I don’t really care for hot sauce, and even I use Sriracha, or as we affectionately call it, cock sauce. What? It has a rooster on the bottle.

  • Jamie

    Chipotle mayo sounds awful damn tasty. I think next to Sriracha, adobo is another favorite spicy awesome thing to put in my face!

  • Kimba

    Mmm… spicy food, my fav (spicy Thai food=delicious). When I actually want to put effort into making burgers in the future, I’ll be sure to try this. My default meat is always chicken and pork. I don’t buy beef often.

  • DisposablePal

    that actually sounds quite delicious, i love anything with pepper jack cheese! also, i put Adobo on everything, its the new salt :)

  • Jasmine P

    This sounds awesome. My most recent love for burgers is adding ground cumin, a touch of hot sauce to the raw meat and a touch or Worcestershire sauce. I’m not into spicy, but I know a lot of people who’d probably be all over this burger. But cumin makes just about all savory meat dishes that much more delicious.

    I love your ability to draw food, most food I draw does not look all that hot.

  • Brocken

    I am officially in love with the term “Big Giganto Fuck Patties.” For that, I am definitely making this, sans tomato and mayo.

  • RomeroManuel

    Very nice. Will try this with turkey this weekend. If you like the spicy try “African Bird Pepper” if you can find it. If Cayanne pepper rates a 9 on the hot fire scale, the bird pepper is like 25!!! Just a dab will do ya!

  • Wayne Zombie

    Sounds pretty good. I should make a fresh batch of chili powder and bring you some when we come back to NIH next year.

    Would the sriracha/mayo blend be equal parts? I’m normally not a mayo person, but this or the adobo/mayo mix I would definitely be willing to try.

  • Jamie

    Wow, guys! Thanks for the additional spice suggestions. Gonna have to go shopping for soon. As for the Sriracha mayo mix, I kinda just do it to taste.

  • Teeny

    Love the food illustrations Jamie! Looks like a great recipe too, and just the thing that Kane would come up with.

  • Bloo89

    My dad taught me a similar recipe. We put garlic salt, chopped onion, and some kind of meat seasoning into the meat, then mix it all together. The patties aren’t quite as big, but they are certainly delicious. Man, now I want to make one!.

  • BigNed

    First off, my wife uses chipotle mayo in her fish tacos – FTW. Secondly, I’m trying to break down the ingredients with the name, because I am a huge nerd:

    Burger Patty – Keith / Black Lion – the heart and soul
    Bun / Cheese – Hunk / Yellow Lion – the carb loader
    Tomato / Onion – Lance / Red Lion – the part you can take out if you don’t like it
    Sriracha Mayo – Allura (‘cuz it’s pink) / Blue Lion – the hot & spicy number
    … – Pidge / Green Lion – the annoying part that makes you angry

    As there is no ingredient that readily avails itself to the Green Lion portion of the burger (and you can’t have a Blazing Sword if Voltron can’t be formed), I am recommending the addition of fresh jalapeno peppers. Not only do they taste good, they hit your palate the way Pidge’s voice hits your eardrums…

  • Sam

    I particularly like “piece de fuck yeah!”

    It would be awesome if Julia Child or the Joy of Cooking wrote like that.

  • reynard61

    Well, my eyes and stomach are saying “HELL YEAH! BRING IT ON!!!” But my tongue, the inside of my mouth and my cardiovascular system are saying “If you even *THINK* about putting us through *that* you will be burning a bridge that *CANNOT* be repaired!!!” So…um…I think I’m gonna have to pass on this one…

  • E-Navi

    man that ish looks delishious!!!!
    i will grill that shit up,forman style!!(as soon as i get the ingredients together)
    as for the sauce,i got used to calling it red rooster
    oh and great job,love this comic <3

  • toag

    love the comment “if it bleeds i can gcook it”. I went through a “will-grill-it-only-if-it-had-a-mother-or-a-face” phase, until the wife went veggie…

    as for the burger, sounds good, but where are the sliced jalapenos, and fry an egg on that sum bitch.

  • Jamie

    Oh man! There’s this place in DC, Good Stuff Eatery, that sells a burger with a fried egg on top. It is so deadly good and messy! I love it! I’ll try to remember to add an egg next time I make this burger!

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  • Zehra

    “big giganto fuck patties” HAHAHAH. YOUR USE OF EXPLETIVES is an art, my friend!!!

  • Jamie

    @Z-chan, thanks! That’s pretty much all I did in high school and college.

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  • Bass-dragon

    Holy crap, the Sriracha and mayo? I make that all the time for my pizza crusts! Great minds think alike!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Oh god, that has to be the tastiest sounding pizza crust EVER!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    I’ve starting using the phrase “giganto fuck _____” quite often. It is, indeed, a very good way to describe things.

  • Jamie Noguchi


  • Missy

    I made these hamburgers and everyone who ate one agreed we should make burgers like this all the time.

  • Frank Bromley

    the siracha mayo makes good dip for fried fish but a word of warning it gets STRONG after a while (i keep a jar of it mixed up in my fridge and i have to cut it with some more mayo)