Measure Twice, Cook Once

Cooking is basically edible chemistry so measuring is kind of important. Well, not always. But you do have to get certain measurements and temperatures at least in the ball park. So if you’re just learning how to cook, measuring things is pretty essential.

And now for something completely different.

There’s oil in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s BP’s fault and lots of us a pretty fucking pissed at them. Problem is, they’re not going to clean the shit up. At least not soon. And even though it’s their fucking fault, we can’t just let this sludge continue to choke the Gulf. We’ve got to do something.

I wish I could draw the oil away, but my pen isn’t that mighty. But what I can do is join in a worthy cause and donate some art. Illustrator Carly Monardo gathered a group of webcomic artists to raise money through the Web-Comics Auction For The Gulf Coast. Some really amazing artists have donated work including Jon Rosenberg, Kate Beaton, Phil Foglio, and my good webcomic homey Ross Nover. Each day this week new pieces of art go up for auction starting at just $5. Knowing the talented roster, that price is gonna go right up. Each auction will last for nine days. My piece goes up today.

So if you want to get your hands on some truly amazing artwork and help with the sludgy oil cleanup, head on over to the Web-Comics Auction For The Gulf Coast.

  • keysmash

    Has he really never cooked before? cause after you have the proper techniques down for a recipe no measurement is needed, cooking is art. Baking on the other hand, if you dont want to break a tooth on a hard puck-like object you must use the right amount of leavening agent to flour. But Im assuming he didnt try to make fresh pasta on his first foray into the kitchen, that kind of over zealousness can scare someone from the kitchen for years.

  • mofo

    @keysmash: I have to agree with you. I never measured anything I cooked, I just toss in some amount of everything which I think will be okay.

  • Skg

    “It’s BP’s fault”…well, yes, but it’s a bit of an overly simplistic way of looking at things. It’s also the fault of the Minerals Management Service for allowing companies to drill without any real form of safety oversights or fore planning.

    BPs actions were, at least in part, a product of the legislative and regulatory authority they were operating under. Just like every other company in the Gulf. BP just happened to get unlucky, that’s all.

    (And heh, I’ve had some really bad cooking disasters. Not exploding mac and cheese, but exploding cupcakes. That one was fun. The cupcakes turned out awesome though – I think it was the aeration that occurred during their explosive birth. Yeah, that’s it.)

  • Minato

    Blazing sword burger huh… Hmm. Actually I think you’re onto something there X_x;… I’m sure there’s a market niche for that kind of cooking :O

  • RomeroManuel

    @SKG – But isn’t this one of those touchy political gray areas of deciding how much Government regulation is enough or too much? Personally, I feel that if , simplistically, corporations have the same legal rights as individual persons, they should suffer the same legal responsibility for their actions. Isn’t that what we/they have insurance for?

    Meanwhile, I’m working on a recipe for ballistic pasta…. heh heh heh…

  • Jamie

    @keysmash, I think some people can be irrationally intimidated by the kitchen. I’ve seen people ruin things just because they put too much pressure on themselves. I think that’s a little of what Bodie is going through with this whole Ballistic Pasta fiasco.

    @RomeroManuel, Oh gosh, I hope you’re wearing eye protection!

  • Drezz

    I used to hate cooking – but my folks were from the old country, so they cooked from scratch every second day. I was never allowed to cook on my own because thats what the heads of household do, so I watched and learned. When my wife and I moved in together and bought a house, I took over cooking detail as my main duty, and I haven’t looked back since.

    Using the knowledge from your folks recipes is the best way to start. Now, no one is allowed in my kitchen when its time to make it. Its a far cry from the days of living in my apartment eating frozen burritos and a bag of chips every night.

  • Anonymous

    Jamie, the art you donated to the auction is something else. Little Totoro isn’t taking any **** from any oil plumes! This reminds me of the Hurricane Katrina Poster Project. It’s so awesome when art can be used to help someone or fix something, instead of just being looked at.

  • Jamie

    @Anon, thank you so much. I’m really happy with the piece and so glad that it will be going towards a good cause. There are some other truly amazing pieces up for auction as well. It’s nice to see the webcomic community coming together for something like this. Makes me feel good to be counted among them.

  • Joel Joseph

    Nice nod to Voltron.