Why He Stays

You know, if someone came up to me and said, “Hey, here’s a bag of money. Will you draw my porn movie story boards?”, I would probably say yes mostly because it sounds like such a weird gig. Like they really plan that shit out ahead of time.

Anyway, getting along with your co-workers can sometimes make a shit job actually worth waking up for. It sounds cliche, but misery really does love company. I’ve actually made some long-term friends at a job that was particularly hateful. In the end though, there’s only so much a person can take. Sometimes, liking your co-workers just ain’t enough.

Still hacking up this transcription plug-in. Some plug-ins come with meticulous documentation. Some don’t. Guess which kind this one is. But as soon as I figure out the submission workflow, I’ll be contacting those who have expressed interest in localizing YP in non-English languages. I’m excited!

  • keysmash

    I have an allergy many people dont believe is real (parfume). At one point one jackass sprayed me with some and I needed a nebulizer treatment. Friendly coworkers definitely are better than the other kind. tho I did have some fun by bringing food into work and scaring those who had food allergies, after all “oh that reaction is all in your head.”

  • wilt

    Jamie I totally agree! Once that line has been crossed though, the job sucks ass. It can really suck ass.

  • mofo

    Yeah, nice co-workers really can help you cope with your shitty job.
    Especially if you work in the porn industry.

  • http://www.el-cuervo.com Drezz

    I knew a guy in college who dropped out after second year to work for a company that did the artwork for porn movie VHS tapes and DVDs. Fun stuff.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @keysmash, what a friggin’ asshat! I hope that coworker got some karmic payback.

    @wilt, oh yeah, a shitty job is a shitty job is a shitty job.

    @mofo, It’s just like any other job, except with the sexiness!

    @Drezz, I imagine that after a while you get kinda desensitized the sexiness. But it does sound like fun!

  • Dave

    You know? It works the other way around as well, a good job can be ruined by crappy coworkers. For example I don’t mind my job (not the best but alright) but it is made almost undearable by my mysoginist, racist, bigitoed, loudmouthed, ignorant coworkers. I suppose that’s the dangers of manual labor jobs though…

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Dave, oh man, that’s awful! And it’s not like you can say anything without making it that much worse. I’ve totally been in that position and it totally fucking sucks.

  • Kimberley

    I love my coworkers and they’re great people! But – all they talk about is the weather and what foods are good for you… that’s what happens when you work in an office 10% doesn’t eat wheat, 40% doesn’t eat red meat, 20% doesn’t eat dairy, 30% on a cleansing diet, and then, well…. me ;_;

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Kimberley, cleansing diet? Is that when they make you drink that awful concoction that makes you shit clear for three days?

  • http://www.fantastic-realities.com/studio_blog Samuraiartguy

    I had the curious fortune in the early 90s, to put in My desktop publishing dues at an adult magazine publisher… and I was amazed how quickly it became just another Art Director gig. Other than the content, the design and productions issues were the same, editors were always late, sales weasels were still weasels, and books always got held up for ad pages. Same old same old, just … un… pinker.

    There was ONE curious difference, the Editorial staff was more strange and bohemian than the art departments. And apparently “cooze” is a noun AND a verb. Ew. But people were overall pretty ordinary decent folks, no weirder than most New Yorkers, anyway.

    Learn sumptin’ new alla frakin’ time.