Of Gofers And Pizza

There are many different styles of pizza eating. Kane is a folder while Ally is more a traditional girl. I’ve once eaten pizza using chopsticks. A knife and fork are ideal for deep dish, especially real Chicago deep dish. Are there other pizza eating techniques out there that I have yet to discover?

  • mofo

    I eat the rim of the pizza first, and then the center part with the toppings. A lot of people I know don’t even eat the rim. (Or whatever the proper english word for that part is…)
    Btw, today’s pizza-day here in the office. ;) What are your fave pizzas? I usually go with something meaty and spicey, like “mexican”.

    PS.: The Frog Eats Monkey making-of pics are really cool.

  • greg

    @mofo – proper term for ‘rim’ is ‘crust’

    @jami – there’s always stacked (top to bottom) or sandwiched (top to top)

  • Kimba

    I’m originally from New York, and I love my NY pizza more than anything. MD has really no good pizza places (well, I do like this place called Rhode Island Red’s, but it’s not NY style). On a traditional big NY style slice, I do a pseudo fold; I have the outer crust folded at about a 35 degree angle. Mmmm… now I want pizza.

    Oh yea, is she hinting to him she likes to watch him? or just watch him eat… creepy.

  • Anonymous

    I know someone who eats a pepperoni pizza by peeling off the pepperonis first, then eating the naked pizza. Then finishing the stacked pepperonis afterward.

  • http://dichigo.deviantart.com MeisterJ

    I like eating from the point to maybe 2″ from the crust folded or normally, then folding the last bit of sauce/cheese/toppings over the crust. It makes the crust tastier :D

  • http://www.el-cuervo.com Drezz

    I don’t have time to do ori-pizza-gami.

    Scoop and shovel. That’s how I roll.

  • Chris

    Let’s see. Here are a couple of the more interesting ones I’ve tried before. I’ve got the fold + fork technique.

    There’s also the combined traditional hold for first couple of bites and then fold + extra cheese that might have fallen off initially. I find a traditional technique will allow the heat to dissipate faster in the beginning and the fold helps reduce grease.

  • sicksip

    mmmm…..I bitch slap everybody in the table or close to me with a slice of pizza and taste the sweet tears that’s been sweep off of them mmmmm yuuummm ^___^

  • toag

    in school most of the yahoos i rolled with could determine the smallest slice as soon as the box was opened. Being math geeks, we knew the largest was just across from it. melee+pizza+geeks = a good time. I was big on the pizza rolled around a bread stick with sauce on top. like a pizza meets hotdog

  • kit

    I may just be breaking pizza rules by the way I eat pizza. First, if there is some kind-of topping on the pizza I eat those first. Then I eat the cheese, usually with a fork. Now the pizza is basically just sauce and bread. The thing is I have never liked a lot of sauce on my pizza, which probably started me eating it this way, so I take the crust and use it to wipe some of the sauce off as well as putting it on the crust. I finish the crust off and then I fold what’s left over up and finish it off. I’ve done this for pretty much as long as I can remember.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Oh man, these are all great. I will have to try all of them. Well, except for the picking off of the pepperoni. Nekkid pizza kinda scares me!

  • J K

    There are a ton of great pizza places in the DC area. Check out Pacci’s in Silver Spring (Neopolitan aka real Italian style) Two Amys, Comet Ping Pong, Matchbox, many more. Flippin’ Pizza does an okay NY slice.

  • Puck

    The Italians don’t slice their pizza, they just go at the uncut thing with a knife and fork. When I make myself Neopolitan-style pizzas, that’s how I eat it.
    Well, my crusts puff up a lot, so I usually eat those first. x3
    Then I eat the soppy thin-crusted deliciously cheese-coated inner bits after.

  • Wendy McCanna

    1. Bite off tip. 2. roll up remainder of non-crust portion (opposite direction of the fold technique), eat. 3. Turn crust and eat like a breadstick.