Stylus Of Fury

When I was drawing this first panel, I imagined how Kenshiro from “Hokuto no Ken” (“Fist of the North Star”) would look like if he was using a Wacom tablet. As such, the voice in your head that should accompany Kane’s scream is Kenshiro’s famed YAH-TAH-TAH-TAH-TAH-TAH! from that awesome anime.

  • Kaji


  • mofo

    (read this in Yoda’s voice:) Really well drawn, this strip is.

  • Jamie

    @Kaji, YES!! Lol!

    @mofo, thank you!

  • Minato

    Lol , stylus of fury. That’s how I look when I can’t make something work in anything I’m coding ;D

  • Brocken

    He’d probably be writing super-intensely like that guy from Death Note, but also really fast, all the while going ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA WAAATAAAAAHH!