Famous Last Words

You know when you watch a movie and a character says some dumb shit that you just know is gonna come back and bite them in the ass? Yeah. That.

So a funny thing about this week’s strips, I done forgot to draw in Kane’s tie when I was penciling and inking. So all the ties that have appeared this week were drawn digitally. When I set out to do YP, I set a personal goal for myself to do everything except the coloring on the page, to make corrections with white out, and to never digitally alter my inks. It’s actually more difficult than I first imagined.

I break that goal here and there to correct scratches and dust that might pop up during scanning. But every once in a while I’ll make a major digital correction. Up until now they’ve mostly been spelling errors but this time it was going in and adding something that wasn’t there in the original inked page. So if I ever get to the point of actually selling pages, you may notice some differences between the final and the original.

Guess I’m just Adobe’s bitch.

↓ Transcript
KANE: Here, let's get you up.
ALLY: Man, I totally needed that.

KANE: Rough day?
ALLY: Yeah. The last minute spec change, making you work late. It's my first project here.

ALLY: It's all a little overwhelming.
KANE: No worries. I've worked with these guys before. They are particular, but I've got this.

KANE: Alright, enough dancing on the ceiling. I better get back to it.
ALLY: Thanks for the dance, KANE. And--thanks.

  • http://www.fantastic-realities.com/studio_blog Samuraiartguy

    Guess I’m just Adobe’s bitch.

    Aren’t we all, brotha. ‘Dobe’s got all us creaitves in the 600-pound gorilla’s paw. I’m pretty sure I’ll be flipping for the CS5 upgrade before I even consider getting an iPad.

  • mofo

    Pro tip: if you’re turning your head to check out a girl’s ass when she is leaving, you keep your mouth shut, or she’ll hear that you’re looking that way.

  • Kimba

    @mofo…. LOL! I didn’t think of the last panel like that till I read your comment.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @mofo, noted! Words to live by!

  • http://www.el-cuervo.com Drezz

    To be fair Jamie, if you didn’t tell anyone about the tie incident, no one would have noticed. Unless you sold the original art for the strip. Stop feeling guilty when you make mistakes – you corrected the error using the wonders of technology. That’s what it is there for – convenience.

    Plus, if you do decide to sell the original artwork – it would become a rarity since it was done differently from the finished digitally altered piece that made it to print.

  • Minato

    It’s like with collecting stamps. The mistakes and differences are worth more than the correct design.
    Don’t worry about it ^_^