Definitely Try This At Home

The dance Ally and Kane are attempting to perform is known as the “Kid and Play” created by Hip Hop comedy duo Kid and Play and featured in their hit film House Party. I don’t actually know if that’s the dance, but that’s what I always called it. And technically, it’s not really an 80′s thing, but House Party dropped in 1990 so it’s close enough.

The trick is the leg hook. Done properly, it’s pretty damn sweet and guaranteed to get some cheers on the dance floor. Done poorly, well, we’ll see what happens.

↓ Transcript
No dialog. KANE and ALLY attempt to perform the "Kid and Play" dance.


No dialog. KANE and ALLY on the floor laughing.

No dialog. KANE and ALLY look at each other.

  • Big Will

    HA!!!! That is such a flash back!!! Now I have to pop over to Netflix and throw House Party onto the queue. Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane. Btw my friends and I called it that too.

  • DisposablePal

    ahh the Kid and Play Kick Step, it always makes for instant romance

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  • RomeroManuel

    very nice…

  • Minato

    Oh man, that’s such a flashback.. I had no idea it was popular in the 80′s only, because me and my friends were doing it during some small parties back when I was in highschool like, what, 7 years ago? Some things never die ;D

  • dirty_saint

    best part of the movie. me and my brother used to do this to every song we heard.