Won’t You Take Me To Funky Town

Extensive research was conducted to accurately mimic 80′s speech patterns for Ally’s dialog in panel 2.

Not really.

I just remember how some of my classmates talked in those big ass hair days.

↓ Transcript
KANE: Uh... hey, Ally.
ALLY: Hey Mister DJ. What you spinnin'?
KANE: Er... 80's Dance Gigamix.

ALLY: Oh. My. Gawd! I, like, totally, like, love the 80's! Fer sure!

KANE: Well, then, Miss P.Y.T., allow me to take you to Funky Town!
CAPTION: P.Y.T. - Pretty Young Thing

No dialog. KANE and ALLY dance.

  • Kimberley

    I would totoally try to relate but I wasn’t born until 1987….OMG SUCKS TO BE ME.

  • Maystro

    Hey, me too!

    Hmm, i wonder if enough of us were born then and comment it would make Jamie feel ooooooooold.

    As it stands i feel old enough now. 90′s was the real era!

  • KiltedNinja

    Heheh class, I love the “the floor is MINE” facial expression – nice to see random comedy every few of panels while the story progresses, good work sir :)

  • mofo

    Yes! Let’s make him feel old! I was born in ’85.

    Second panel is really good, by the way. :) I can totally hear her voice.

  • Jenova

    *lol* Hey, I was born in ´83 it´s getting older… ^^
    But I still am not old enough to say that I “was living in the 80´s”
    I do know that Time Period mostly through Television. *DOING*

    Don´t worry, it´s not that bad to be born “too late for the 80´s”
    You can still be freaky like that and nearly nobody would really care that you´re “Different”, or not “in” (ok, depends on where exactly you live, but the time you live in is not important, whats important is being yourself ^^ )
    As Mark Twain once said: “History does not repeat itself, but it rymes.”

    Me too, made me snicker. ^^
    That kind of speech pattern is somewhat cute yet grammaticaly horrible.

  • Jenova

    Dammit *EDIT* ^^

    Hey Jamie, the last Panel is again a Masterpiece, consider that one on a T-Shirt. ^^
    “Welcome to Funky Town!” or something.

  • Dale

    Born in 89! Sneaking in the 80s! Youngest here and I still feel old…

    Another great strip Jamie, lovin it

  • Kimba

    I was born in January ’83. On the Chinese zodiac, I use to think I was a pig, but then I learned I was a bitch.

  • Minato

    YES! The readers had their way, rofl.
    *Hops on board the train to funky town*

  • Minato

    Also, isn’t it odd that the majority of the what’s constantly becoming loyal reader base is born in particular 80′s parts? 83, 85, 87… Personally I represent the middle figure.
    Creepy. ;D

  • RemoteControlAxe

    @mofo + Jenova
    Yeah I can hear it too, but her eyes and cocked head make it especially believable.

    85 here. And holy christ, this made me realize that someone born in 89 might actually be able to legally drink. It feels like hardly much time has passed since I could..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro-jEnieW8A&feature=related SecretAgentMan

    born 1960…. this old man would like to confirm the author’s accuracy in recreating the dialect presented in panel two. The head bob and hand gesture, vital parts of the dialect in question, are also depicted with very high fidelity. I’m like YAHHHHH.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Ack!! I’m so old!!! Not really, I was born in the tail end of the 70′s, 1977, so the 80′s were my elementary school years.

  • http://www.el-cuervo.com Drezz

    BLARGH – I grew up in 77 as well. The 80s were so awful for many things, and so awesome for others.

  • Kimba

    I was watching Back to the Future over the weekend, omg… the clothes… they haunt me so. I loved 80′s music, but the fashion was awful. I hated even when I was a kid.

  • http://blog.giantpachinkomachineofdoom.com/ Bakamoichigei

    Born in the beginning of ’81, other than that, I don’t have much to say as I have blocked the 1980s from my memory as best one can without a skull saw and an ice cream scoop.

    I’m fairly sure it is somehow related to the late ’80s and the shame of baggy pants, neon-colored everything, and the horrible music I listened to.

  • wilt

    haha, i remember when “like” was every other word. accompanied by “dude” (being from cali that is still part of the vocab) “rad” etc. I love the use of PYT!

  • http://www.shopjag.com Geoff

    I, too was born in 1977, so I don’t remember much of the 80′s myself. But, I remember the slap bracelets, hypercolor shirts, half-shirts, neon-coloured, plastic bracelets, and high-top sneakers. No, they weren’t just for basketball.

    If you really want a glimpse into the horror/comedy/like totally awesome decade that was the 80′s, you should check out a movie called Valley Girl. Like. Totally. Fer shur, dude. And of course, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Two classics right there.

  • Kimberley

    @Jenova haha thanks!

    Actually this morning, I was listening to the Bee Gees on the radio, and my manager commented, “Those were good times eh?” and I was like, “I… wasn’t born until 1987…” and he gave me the funniest face! hahaha even though its not my “generation” I will admit that 70s and 80s music are awesome!!!

  • Jenova


    *lol* It almost sounds like a situation out of some 80´s Television Soap. ^^
    Wish I´d be there to see it. ^^

    Hey, someone who´s older than Jamie. ^^

    As it is coming out more and more, it seems to really be, that most of the readers were born somewhere around the 80´s. It is beginning to feel a little bit creepy… xD

    DUDE! You´re like, totally old, dude! Ok, not really… ^^
    But I imagine, that being in Elementary School in the 80´s must´ve sucked.
    You saw all the things that were great about that Time, and once you turn old enough to become “part” of that cool stuff, suddenly it´s the 90´s and the cool Times are over.

  • http://www.el-cuervo.com Drezz

    Heh. I watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure once a month, just to keep it real.


    *guitar solo*

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Jenova, it’s true, it’s true. The 90′s hurt. Especially comics. I got into comics in the 90′s just when they started to really suck. Fortunately, I survived and my comics habit is strong!

    @Drezz, EXCELLENT!!!!

  • Kimba


  • robin

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure plenty of tween/teen girls still talk like that. (I’m in high school.)

  • SmallBusinessMan

    Born in ’89 – although the local radio station did play a fair bit of 80′s stuff when I was younger.