Dance The Whole Night Away

I always thought that it would be a tremendous moral booster to have spontaneous dance parties in the office. Sadly, none of my co-workers ever agreed with me. But every once in a while when I had to stay late and no one else was around, I would take off the headphones and crank out some kick ass dance tunes.

One of these days, I will sponsor some kind of office dance-off. What tasty jams would make you get out of your seat and shake your booty at work?

↓ Transcript
No dialog. KANE dances like an idiot.

ALLY: Sooo... how's my project going?

  • mofo

    Now is the right time to ask her for a dance. ;)

    My “office blaster weapon of choice” would be some nice deep drum’n’base. But that would need a proper sound system, puny office-speakers just wouldnt sound right.
    Btw, what kinda funky-futuristic speakers does Jamie have? And what do you other readers crank your music on? I have Reloop headphones which serve quite well. :)

  • mofo

    Eh, sorry, I wanted to ask about Kane’s speakers in the comic. I guess I confused you two… :)

  • Minstrel

    I’d break out some nice, modern European or Asian beats. I’m lately on a kick for non-Anglophone music. Plus, some japanese Eurobeat and some parapara would surely build team morale and coordination. ;)

  • Jamie

    @mofo, those are some old Apple speakers back when they were making those blue and grey plastic tower.

    I hit up iTunes radio for some old school Hip Hop.

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  • greg

    current groove of choice is caravan palace

  • Jamie

    @greg, AWESOME! I love the robot scat singing! Robot singing makes everything awesome.

  • Sam

    I crank the music every time I’m in late and the office is empty. It is my favorite part of working late. I guess, the only part about working late that I like…

  • Minato

    I second mofo’s vote for Kane to ask her to dance!
    Slick moves too, if I may say so ;D

  • Samuraiartguy

    We didn’t dance out at an old gig.. but on some Thursday nights, a bunch of us would fall into the local tavern and be silly as all shit, alcolhol fueled… Quite the stress relief.

    But alas was not to last, a couple of the young women would order pitchers, jello shots, and everclear and get generally shitfaced, then drop like 10 bucks each and bail. They once stiffed the guys with an over $200 bar tab and the excursions kind of collapsed.

  • reynard61

    Is Kane actually doing “The Egyptian”??? (Center-right.)

  • RemoteControlAxe

    As for music to play, at the moment I’m stuck on Korpens Saga by Finntroll .. good, old-fashioned Finnish folk metal

    However, I cannot attest to the shaking of any booties to that.. ever.

  • Jamie

    @reynard, yes indeedy! It’s also known as “tutting” these days.

    @Samuraiartguy, sounds like a good time until the drink-and-dash started.

  • Kaji

    I drive a 40 ton truck so getting out of my seat to dance around is only fun for the first few seconds. Not that I am admitting to doing that.

  • mastermenthe

    Still looking/acting female as hell.
    not all that femanine, but still the signs remain.
    How do you do it?
    Do you mean to do it?