Power Point Ranger

More origin story! One more to go folks, then it’s back to random craziness.

I don’t know why a business major has a Wacom tablet lying around his dorm room. Maybe he nicked it from a roommate or neighbor or something, but that’s young Bodie with a Wacom tablet and big ugly ass CRT monitor.

↓ Transcript
JULIE: So what about you, Bodie? How'd you end up in a dumb shit place like Pedanticorp?
BODIE: Just lucky, I guess.

JULIE: Ha, ha, smart ass.
BODIE: Okay, okay. But stop me if I start to bore you.

BODIE: It all happened kinda by accident. I actually went to school as a business major. Never did any graphic design.

BODIE: We had to do a lot of Power Point presentations and I just got tired of boring bullet points and generic clip art. So I started making my own.

BODIE: My classmates took notice and started coming to me for help. The called me The Power Point Ranger!

  • mofo

    That’s exactly how I got into the porn business.

  • http://blog.giantpachinkomachineofdoom.com/ Bakamoichigei

    I don’t know why a business major has a Wacom tablet lying around his dorm room.

    I have a Cintiq despite not being able to draw really at all in any way… Because I want to be able to! I doubt that’s why Brodie would have had one though, lol.

    Maybe he ran out and bought one of those sub-$100 non-Wacom ones that works ‘better-than-not’ just to have something better than a mouse to use? (A decision I made and regretted for years…)

    Still loving the comic, btw! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelsey-Zetsubousensei-Wailes/1526003170 Kelsey Zetsubousensei Wailes

    Microsoft office rangers is what all the kids are watching these days.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Bakamoichigel, a Cintiq?! You better draw something on that sucker! Can’t let it gather dust!!

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  • http://www.coinflipcinema.com MikeyD

    My Cintiq is currently collecting dust… I’m a punk.
    However I’ve been a Power Point ranger for most of my career now. Can’t wait for that to be over…

  • Minato

    I can’t afford a Cintiq, I have this lameass Aiptek tablet that’s like 4 years old ^_^; Hey it still works, so bite me.
    Also, Power Point Ranger Pwns.

  • http://geardrafter.deviantart.com Dusty Patches

    Sadly, this term is VERY common among adept PowerPoint-ees in the DoD. See this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/27/world/27powerpoint.html?hp

  • http://blog.giantpachinkomachineofdoom.com/ Bakamoichigei

    @Jamie: I know, I know! It’s still not paid off, either… orz

  • mofo

    I wish I had a Cintiq…
    But I do have a Wacom Bamboo and I love it. It might be small and simple, but at least it’s quality.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @MikeyD, get on that shit! Cintiq is not for dust samples!

    @Minato, if the shit works, use it!

    @Dusty Patches, ACK! I don’t think Bodie would ever work at the DoD! Although, who knew the DoD were fans of Power Rangers! Heh.

    @Bakamoichigei, what size cintiq are you rocking?

    @mofo, the Bamboos look like a lot of fun. I’ve got an old 6×8 intuos 2 that I use for everything I do.

  • http://blog.giantpachinkomachineofdoom.com/ Bakamoichigei

    @Jamie: I hesitate to say…. 21UX…the big one. :x

    Of course, now they have the new 21UX that’s based on Intuos4 tech and not Intuos3… Makes me want to cry. ,_,

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Bakamoichigei, ACK!! ACK!! Holy ACK man! Use that big ol bastard! Draw, draw like there’s no tomorrow!

  • toag

    hate catching up on YP, but thought i’d share that my mentor taught me how to do quick scratch part drawings in Power point. He called it power point engineering. I always like the name.
    great comic Jamie!

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @toag, thank you! Scratch part drawings sounds pretty fucking awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fbromley Frank Bromley

    HAH nerd points for the power point ranger suit being based on Akaranger

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Thank you!