Totally Frasian

For those who don’t speak French, “Bien sur! Je suis totalement Frasian!” means “I am totally Frasian!”

I hope these past two days of origin story weren’t too terribly boring. There are a handful more in our near future which I hope don’t slow things down too much. It always feels like these types of scenes go much faster in movies than they do in comics. Ah well.

↓ Transcript
JULIE: Julia Child was, like the only woman chef on TV. So I thought maybe I could be a TV chef, too.

JULIE: Started spending time in the kitchen with dad learning to cook a lot of traditional Szechuan dishes.

JULIE: Julia was a French chef so after high school, I applied to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Miraculously, I got in and moved to France for six years.

BODIE: Wow! I had no idea you studied in France!
JULIE: Bien sur! Je suis totalement Frasian!

  • Minato

    Why would they be boring? Background to characters in any story is always interesting and gives them depth, even if said story is a humorous webcomic.

  • mofo

    @Minato: I agree.

  • Jenova

    @Minato & mofo
    I concur.
    And Lil´ Julie is so cute! ^^

  • Kimba

    She was so cute as a little girl.

  • Drezz

    Frasian. Wow. What a combo.

  • Jamie

    Thanks gang. I’m glad this exposition bit isn’t too terribly boring. It’s tricky to figure out how much is just too much.

  • Kara

    I would so love someone to cook me a Frasian meal. Aw yiss.

  • teax2

    Their date is going great. I wonder how poor Kane’s doing…

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  • Charlie

    I am loving this storyline. The background is really cool. Every good character needs an origin story…

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  • un_ignorant

    Just wanted to let you know: noone actually say bien sur in France in such a sentence. It doesn’t have the meaning that pretty much every english-speaker using those words think it has. Or at least, it’s so not natural (as I guess are my english sentences).