You may not know that “banana” can be used as a racial invective. How can something so tasty (especially split open with three scoops of ice cream on top) be used as a hurtful term? I know I raised an eyebrow or two when I first heard it as an insult.

A “banana” is an Asian person who acts White, essentially Yellow on the outside, White on the inside. This assumes, of course, that there is both a way to act Asian and a way to act White. Both assumptions are pretty stupid in the new millennium, but still the insult continues to survive in Asian culture.

Well, our good friend the SexyDragon decided to demonstrate just how silly it is to be labeled a banana.

Source: Sexy Dragon Production

  • kuzuya

    Alternatively, “asians trying to act white” are also called twinkies (which sounds cute to the point of being derogatory). Conversely, there are “eggs” as well.

  • Jamie

    Holy crapola! I’d never heard of eggs before. That’s a new one. Twinkie is familiar. It’s no good when people use tasty treats as an insult.

  • Samuraiartguy

    I think it’s a construction inspired by “Apple”… from the Native American side of racial politics… yep, that’s right… “redskin, but white inside.” And that one goes back frakkin’ YEARS.

    I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what “Oreo” means.

  • Charlie

    You need to check out Dwight Okita’s “Notes for a Poem on Being Asian American.” I don’t have a copy here, I’ll try to dig out for you.

    But after you read it, then read his comments on the poem’s metaphor of the egg:

  • Drezz

    SexyDragon is awesome. Now that school’s out, he’ll be givin’ ‘er shit in downtown T-O more often.