Once You Go Black… Well… You Know

Disclaimer: Um… yeah… chicks don’t really go for tongue attack on the first date. Don’t let those damn movies fool you. Maybe a peck or two. But full on esophagus exploration via Venom symbiote tongue will only get you a black eye. Or a kick to the dick.

↓ Transcript
BODIE: I guess I just froze. Never thought about Julie that way until you said something.

BODIE: Besides, how do you transition from friend to more than without screwing it up? Julie, she's like one of the boys. I don't want to lose that.

KANE: Dude! All you gotta do is walk in there, grab her head, and ram your tongue down her throat! She'll be hooked!

KANE: It's like they say! Once you go Black...
BODIE: Really, Kane? Really?

  • Kimba

    Um… yea… I’m wondering if all Kane’s first dates went like that…. maybe that’s why he’s single.

  • greg

    I didn’t realize that Bodie was black.

    Also, speaking from experience here, Jami?

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Greg, yeah, I actually did that once. It was horribly embarassing.

  • http://www.idrawdigital.com Drezz

    I also thought Bodie wasn’t black. I see him as someone from Middle Eastern descent.

  • http://disposablepal.com DisposablePal

    yeah i always figured he was Indian because of the long hair

  • http://blast-o-rama.com/ Marty

    Not entirely true.

    Sometimes, you get the wave in to “full-on-makeouts-ville” on date #1.

    Just sometimes.

  • http://CompleteHypnosis.proboards.com Minato

    Once again it’s the expressions that make the comic so much more funny ;D
    And sheesh Jamie, yeah girls don’t particularly like their tonsils eaten out on first dates.

  • Kimberley


    this strip reminds me of this one time: I had a friend (who was a model, so he was those types of people *rolls eyes*) and just one day, he walked into class, and just out of the blue, he kissed this girl he was flirting with…. and uh… it was like those “get a room!” situations…

  • Kimberley

    He got mono the next day… >x<

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Kimberley, no one expects the mono defense! That’s awesome!!

    As for Bodie’s ethnicity, I’ve always kind of thought of him as a mix. His mother is Indian and his father is Black, but I haven’t figured out a satisfactory way for it to come up in the comic yet without it being forced. Kane knows this, of course, but it’s not something they talk about as much as everyday work stuff.

  • Kimberley

    Wow, Indian and black? I’m not sure how it is about other parts, but around where I live, the Indian community is very strict on of relationships and arranged marriages. I know not every Indian family is focused on this “tradition” so it would be very rare to see this type of mixing – for myself that is.

  • Tigerpanda13

    Erm… tongue attack worked with me. Like, we’re married now. I guess it depends on the girl and how much she likes you.