Ah Coffee, The Ultimate Excuse

You may not be familiar with the term “Seven-One-One Shuttle,” but I’m pretty sure you’ve been there at least once in your life. Indeed, the Seven-One-One Shuttle has helped me get through some late nights of arting.

It turns out that coffee is a great excuse for just about everything. Need to talk about chicks? Get some coffee. Need to do a performance review? Get some coffee. Need to talk about a promotion? Get some coffee. Need to fire someone? Get some… hey… that’s not what you want!

↓ Transcript
KANE: Bodie, you're right, we should get some coffee.
BODIE: I think you're missing part of a conversation there, bud.

BODIE: Besides, we just got back from Chez Wong with Allie.
KANE: Fine. Coffee is just an excuse for me to bug you about Julie.

No dialog. Kane grins big and points both fingers at Bodie.

BODIE: I hate you.
KANE: The Seven-One-One Shuttle departs now! Get your shit and get to steppin'!

  • Kimba

    I don’t bu coffee at 711, I buy snacks…. lots of snacks.

  • http://CompleteHypnosis.proboards.com Minato

    Coffee is the blood for modern day vampires.

  • Kimberley

    The coffee in my office is nasty! People never clean it and after awhile it starts to stink and coffee residue tends to build up in the bottom causing it to be even more nasty! Yuck!

    Their office must have good coffee… Starbucks?! T^T

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Ewe, sludgey coffee sounds nasty!

    I’m ashamed to admit but I used to go to 711 to get those super big bites and then dump tons of onions and cheese.

  • Kimba

    I don’t mind our office coffee. We clean the pot and filter after every use. I just wish I could clean out where you put the water. Sometimes, they leave it full of water over night so they don’t have to fill it with water in the morning. I hate stagnant water.

  • http://www.systemcomic.com Rosscott

    I read that as “of farting” not “of arting”. My way is better.

  • http://www.johnshryock.com Johnny

    ahhh, the 7-1-1 shuttle… so good

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @johnnyfuckingrockstar, You know it, brah!