Notorious N.A.T.T.O.

Serving natto along with raw oysters, beer, and sake is either the greatest idea ever to spew forth from my brain meats or the more stomach churning fowl thing to do on purpose. My guess it’s more the latter than the former. Still, as disgusting as it is, the natto here was quite fun to draw and ink.

↓ Transcript
ALLY: I never had natto before and I was feeling a bit adventurous.

ALLY: I had no idea natto was fermented soy beans.
ALLY: Didn't really go too well with raw oysters...

ALLY: The beer and the bottles of sake probably didn't help much, either.

  • cerement

    Quick comment – natto is “semi” fermented soybean, after the skin has been “dissolved” but before the whole bean has been turned to mush. Breakfast of champions with rice and a raw egg … or breakfast of something … wikipedia has great picture of the mucus strands connecting everything together …

  • Jamie

    I always wondered where the sticky strands came from. Cause soy beans aren’t all that stringy when I eat them as edamame.

  • Minato

    Stringy, non-stringy, still AWFULLY disgusting D: … How can people eat this >_<?!

  • Kimba

    *shudder* when the term “mucus” is used to describe any part of a meal… it can’t be good.

  • FmF

    Lucky for me there no real Japanese restraints near me that will serve natto.So ill never know how it taste even out of morbid curiosity.Though i do like oysters but they feel like your swallowing flem so i gag a little thinking about eating it with some thing else that slimy.

  • samuraiartguy

    Natto is SO an acquired taste… which I have yet to acquire. tho’ my wife (not asian!) rather likes the odd stuff. But she’s strange, she likes okra too.

    And I seriously had to hold my nose at the look on our “hero” on the last panel or risk splattering my pricey apple cinema display with laughter propelled coffee. AW35OM3

    Mind you, I HAVE been up about 36 hours finishing off my taxes so I can present a copy to the *&&%#$ health plan. So I MIGHT be a little… crunchy.

  • Jamie

    Oh no! Don’t wreck your gorgeous display!

    Doing taxes is kind of like slipping in to a horrible alternate reality where nothing makes sense and everything is fucking hysterical.

  • kerouacCat

    … why does it look like it’s moving? D:

  • Kimba

    @kerouacCat…. because it moving…. it’s ALIVE! *menacing smile”

  • samuraiartguy

    @ jamie

    Ah HA… so you are familiar with Schedule C and Schedule SE…. Sometimes you wonder if you are “rendering unto Caesar.” or being “rendered by Caesar.” I can see the appeal of the old days when the lord sent the Brute Squad down from the castle. You gave them a buncha gold pieces, a bag of rye or a goat or something… and they WENT THE FRAK AWAY.

  • Jamie

    @samuraiartguy, oh yeah. That was the only thing I despised about freelancing, tax season. Seemed like I was always paying paying paying. Hell, even now that I have a regular job, I’m still fucking paying.

  • Charlie

    That drawing of the natto is amazing! It shimmers.

  • Kelsey Zetsubousensei Wailes

    that pukey face is going to be forever burned in my mind.

  • Christopher H

    Careful, or his face is gonna get stuck like that – I know from experience…

  • Iskander Jeff

    Eating boogers is eating dried mucus