Putting On A Brave Face

I’m really happy with the way this one came out. The creepy mask in the final panel is my interpretation of a Hannya mask which is used in Japanese Noh theater. The Hannya mask represents a jealous demon woman. It’s a fairly common motif that shows up in a lot of Asian inspired design and illustration.

Don’t be surprised if she shows up again!

↓ Transcript
KANE: Alright, one week to design this thing. Going to be tight, but I've got you covered.
ALLY: Oh great!

KANE: No worries, Ally. I'll make your first project kick ass!
ALLY: Thanks, Kane. I'm feeling better about this already.

KANE: I'm so fucked...

  • mofo

    I like how you explain the Asian references that occur in your comic.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Ah, thanks. Most of the time, I try to write in such a way that the comic doesn’t depend on the references. But if you know some of the symbology, I think it adds a little something.

  • http://threeamcomics.wordpress.com teax2

    I love this comic so far. Really, keep it up. And keep posting the transcript too–it’s vital for people learning comic script format. I kinda wish more webcomics posted their scripts.

    And keep putting Asian and other references in too. I wouldn’t want YP to turn into Dilbert (not that I don’t love Dilbert).

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Thank you. The transcripts are especially helpful for searching.

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  • Jrage

    Must be cool to have a heritage. Christianity and puritanism kinda did mine in.