My brother lives in Redmond, WA and works at this little place called Bungie. And apparently, there’s this awesome Japanese place out there called Boom Noodle. I say awesome without actually ever being there because, well, the place is called Boom Noodle! That’s fucking awesome!

Anyway, he sent me this photo of something called Ramen Noodle. You know those chocolate bars that use crispy rice for crunch? Ramen Noodle chocolate is kinda like that except instead of rice, they use ramen! *faint*

Now, I’m one of those weird people who don’t particularly like chocolate. But this I have to try! I believe Komforte Chockolate is a local Washington brand so I’ll have to check it out when I visit my brother the next time. If any of you ¥P fans have tried this stuff, please write us with word on how awesome it is! Because it has ramen and that’s fucking awesome!

  • Justin

    Hot dang I gotta get my friend to send me some of that. I’m stuck here in Japan so I might just grab some ramen, melt down a Meiji bar, and see if I can do it myself… but I would gladly pay three bucks for that!

    Especially charming is how they spell chockolate. That in itself makes me want to give them my money.

  • Jamie

    Oh man, I hadn’t thought of trying it myself. I may need to experiment sometime soon with some chocolate and store bought ramen. Seems a lot more convenient to buy one though.

  • Soozcat

    I tried it. The chocolate is quite good and the texture of the ramen works well with the bar, but I don’t think I’d make it a regular habit–there are just too many other fancy-pants chocolate bars out there that deliver better boom for the buck, so to speak.

    It was pretty funky to see curly bits of noodle sticking out from the edge of a chocolate tablet, though.

  • Jamie

    Gonna have to check it out next time I visit my brother. Sounds tasty!