Street Fighter Julie

Not to be confused with Juni.

Indeed, the true measure of one’s powers of awesomeness is their skill at the Street Fighter. Wait, is it awesomeness or button-mashiness?

↓ Transcript
Bodie: Yeah, man. I thought Julie hung around us at lunch 'cause of you.
Kane: Well, we've known each other for a while now.

Kane: But she's more like a sister to me.

Kane: She was the only other kid in school who liked giant robot anime. And she always kicked my ass at Street Fighter.

Bodie: I kick you ass at Street Fighter! Everyone kicks your ass at Street Fighter!
Kane: I know. I'm such a disgrace.

  • Tyler

    Mostly button-mashiness. I’ve kicked the asses of people who should be way better than me at Street Fighter.

  • Jamie

    There was this one time when my brother an I hit up an arcade in Japan Town in San Francisco and we were playing SFII. Some local kids who you could tell ran the joint came up to the machine and put their quarters down. My brother easily kicked my ass so one of those dude stepped up with a cocky smirk and chose, of course, Ryu. I forget who my brother was using, but to the surprise of the local kid, my brother kicked the shit out of him hard. Of course, this pissed off the kids so the expert of the group popped on and destroyed my brother. But that one moment of victory was so awesome!

  • DisposablePal

    its sucks to be the guy who is terrible at Street Fighter, i still get my ass whipped everytime. I stick to Tekken, no fireballs. …stupid Ryu.

  • Drezz

    Heh the key to the Shoto guys is using Dhalsim. I’ve pasted many a cocky fucker thinking they were hot shit because they used the star of the game (Ryu)

    Every fighting game works in the exact same manner – for every powerful fighter, they have a character that can easily neutralize them. You just have to learn timing and counterattack. I don’t know how many guys I pissed off using arguably the slowest character in the game. Serves them right.

  • Kimba

    I was watching some guys play SF on a Xbox, one guy was totally winning every match with Zangief…. he wears underpants only…. scares me.

  • Jamie

    It’s very difficult to defeat the fuzzy underpants.

  • Drezz

    Heh. Z is pretty deadly too. A good friend of mine used to time all his flying kicks perfectly. No one could get near him.

    Everyone figures those characters are shitty, but you don’t have to constantly do special moves and shoot fireballs to be good head to head.

  • Samuraiartguy

    My kidz brought home Soul Caliber iV from the library… I literally injured my thumb trying to keep up with my two Padawans. And they fucking gave the damn Sith Apprentive frakkin’ JEDI POWERS. You need a fucking minigun (with helicopter) to kick his nasty ass.

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