She Likes You, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Yes, friends, even grown ass men use “like” to indicated that someone has romantic feelings for another. Boys just never grow up.

↓ Transcript
Julie: Later boys. Enjoy your lunches!
Kane: Thanks, Julie! Say "Hey" to your folks for me.

Kane: Dude, Bodie. I think she likes you. Like like like.
Bodie: Who, Julie? No way.

Kane: Look, man. She owns Chez Wong.
Bodie: Yeah.
Kane: She hires wait staff.
Bodie: Yeah. And?

Kane: Yet every time we eat here, she serves us. No other tables.
Bodie: Oh... OH!

  • MikeyD

    I was going to comment last time about the Kamen-Chef!
    It’s like a little game “Spot the Kamen on the character”
    I’m starting to think there’s one hidden in each panel.

  • Jamie

    She’s actually wearing an Ultraman apron!

  • MikeyD

    D’OH! I thought that might be him, but I’m trying this new thing where I just go with my gut instinct instead of google correcting myself.

  • Rosscott

    How do you know she doesn’t like Jami?

  • Jamie

    We’ll answer that by the end of this week!!

  • Kimba

    Took me a couple tries to read “Like Like Like.” Commas can be evil, but you should love them; I love them… you should too.

  • Jamie

    Ah crud, sorry about that. Sometimes I get so focused when I’m lettering I forget the really important bits.

  • Kimba

    Well, I wouldn’t say it’s important.

  • Samuraiartguy

    Heh heh heh.. great expression on Kane on the last panel, looks like he just swallowed a live mouse.

  • Angelina

    Aaaand this is the point where I realize that both characters are men.