The Secret Of MSG

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of General Tso’s Chicken. As for Chirashi, it’s a bowl of raw fish served on a bed of sushi rice. You can generally tell the quality of a sushi joint by the quality of their Chirashi.

↓ Transcript
Julie: Hey boys, food's up!
Kane: Hey Julie.

Julie: Chirashi for Kane...
Julie: General Tso's Chicken for Bodie.

Kane: Yo Bodie, you know she dumps MSG into that chicken.
Bodie: What? You're full of it.
Julie: I'm right here idiot.

Kane: It's how she hooks you! Think about it. Oh yes, the General's chicken be yummy. But you'll be hungry for more in an hour. That's the MSG!

Julie: Oh yeah, we use buckets of the stuff.
Bodie: Yeah?
Julie: Nah, Kane's full of it.

  • reynard61

    Heard of it? I *LOVE* it! Unfortunately, it tends to be rather expensive in the restaurants where I live and I usually have to settle for the frozen, store-bought stuff — which is actually pretty decent, but the portions are so small… :-/

  • Jamie

    Frozen sushi?! I guess all sushi-grade fish is flash-frozen on the boats when they’re caught. Depending on the store, though, the store-bought stuff can be okay. The Harris Teeter by us has a sushi counter where they make all the sushi right there. Not exactly restaurant quality, but it doesn’t have the fishy smell or taste that I’ve experienced with Mall sushi. blech!

  • reynard61

    Actually, I was talking about the General Tzo’s Chicken…

  • Jamie