To Act Like A Big Business

I actually heard this in a company meeting once and I nearly shit my pants trying to stifle a laugh.

I realize that the proportions are a little off in this one. Steve is actually supposed to be quite tall. But I kinda screwed that bit up. So no, no one cut off his legs at the knees, I just fucked up the art.

↓ Transcript
Bodie: Hey man, time for our 11:14 all-hands team meeting.
Kane: Didn't I just see you?
Bodie: Come on, time to meet the new boss.

Kane: Why do we have all these redundant, bullshit meetings?
Bodie: You know what they say, to be a big successful company, you must act like a big successful company.
Kane: No one says that shit.

Steve: ...that about covers our production schedule. Finally, we will be instituting a new dress code. From now on, business formal during core hours. After all...

Steve: To be a big successful company, we must act like a big successful company.

  • Geoff

    I’m loving this comic. You mean no one has cut off his legs at the knees…yet.

    And I think I might have heard something similar to that ‘Successful Company’ line before in a meeting, too.

  • reynard61

    It’s not bad art, that’s just how everyone else sees him — small and unimpressive.

  • Jamie

    HAHA! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • Jrage

    “Acting like a big successful company means following in someone else’s footsteps. Following in someone else’s footsteps means being behind the curve. Being behind the curve means being too late to genuinely compete with other big successful companies.”

    I actually got the boss of the last company I worked for to drop the attendance code with that schpiel. It’s all in how you spin things to these idiots.