Bodie In A Car

May 17, 2016

posted May.17.16 at 02:36 am

This janky mess is what it looks like when I composite a thing into another thing, in this case Bodie into a car. This is how the ugly ass sausage is made. I'll be posting an animated version of the build up over on the Patreon for backers to see this all come together when it's all finished. Hope to get it all buttoned up sometime this week.

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Yellow Peril Blog
May.13.16 at 07:04 pm

Some thoughts on making that dank loot off of your art!

Jan.20.16 at 07:26 pm

It's time to throw some colors on that weird ass owl hat thing!

And if you're looking for the best flatting plug-in for photoshop, here it is!

Jan.13.16 at 05:40 pm

My second proper tutorial in my digital workflow series. This time, we ink!

Jan.07.16 at 08:00 am

Here's my first proper tutorial on my new YouTube channel. Check it out and subscribe if you dig!

And if you're looking for a free Photoshop pencil brush, check out the Stumpy Pencil.